Cop’s Corner is a fun, clean family board game promoting law enforcement awareness and understanding for all ages.

OBJECTIVE: Battle and promote through the police ranks to become Chief of Police or Top Cop. Only one player wins the Four Star Gold badge. It could be you! At least until the next time you play Cop’s Corner!

The right spin, roll of the dice, card, or position, can elevate you to victory and bragging rights of Top Cop. Collect the coins, make a car stop, or get dispatched a call. Chase the criminal in your vehicle or on foot. Be careful, you don’t want to end up at Internal Affairs! Have a coffee and donut or land on those special details! Hold a crime scene, take someone to jail, or go to court. It’s all there and more! Play the new, fast action Cop's Corner today!

The first player to promote to Chief of Police wins the game.

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Players: 2 to 6 Ages: 6 to Adult

If you like cop games or law enforcement games, you’ll love Cop’s Corner!

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