Cop’s Corner Board Game in the News!

Kingman man invents board game to help people understand what police doPaul Martin of Kingman shows the Cop’s Corner board game that he invented.Photo by Hubble Ray Smith.Abby, a sixth-grader at White Cliffs Middle School, knows a little about police work from her father, who’s a police officer, but she’s learning more about his profession through “Cop’s Corner,” a board … Read More


Let’s get the word out about Cop’s Corner!  How many games do you know that is just fun to play on its face value and goes much deeper in cultural and learning value?  Since all of us operate in some type of rank system and are under society’s laws, it only makes sense to use a fun tool like Cop’s … Read More

Game play tips

Hello Cop’s Corner players!  Today I am going to cover some of the play including neutral locations, dispatch and car stop cards, corner positions, and bomb squad.  But first I would like to remind you the rules are on this website, printed in the game, and on the back of the box. Play starts at the police station which is … Read More

Cop’s Corner game play

Let’s Play! I don’t know about you, but when I play a new game, I get a little scared!  Part of me is excited to try something new and the other part of me knows I have to figure out how to play the game.  I will help you get jump started in all of this.  However, if in doubt, … Read More