Board Game Rules

Cop's Corner Game Board
(24" square, folds to 12")


Players: 2 to 6 ~ Ages: 6 to Adult
The first player to promote to Chief of Police wins the game.


The equipment consists of player pieces, playing board, spinner board, 2 numeric dice, coins, Dispatch and Car Stop police cards, officer rank Badge cards, and Duty cards (Jail, Court, Training, and Crime Scene).


Each player choose one movement piece to represent him or her while traveling around the board and place their piece on the Start location. The back of each badge card will indicate the order of rank. Each player begins the game at the rank of Officer and places the Officer badge card in front of them. Select a player to issue cards and coins during the game.


Each player rolls the dice. The player with the highest total starts the play. Move piece clockwise around the board. Move your piece the number of spaces shown on the dice. After you have completed your turn, play continues with the player on the left.

Cop's Corner Duty Cards

Cop's Corner Dispatch & Car Stop Cards


When landing on the spaces TRAINING, CRIME SCENE, TAKE SUSPECT TO JAIL, or SUBPOENA GO TO COURT, follow the arrow to that location and collect that card. If you already have the card, collect a coin. After a player collects all four Duty cards, promote to the next rank and return your cards to the board. Collection of the Duty cards begins again.


When landing on Dispatch, draw a Dispatch card and spin the spinner one time. If the picture of a gun or handcuff on the card matches the spin of a gun or handcuff, promote to the next rank. If it does not match, the next player resumes play unless player rolls doubles.


When landing on Car Stop, draw the Car Stop card. If the card says, “Warning”, there is no action. The next player resumes play unless player rolls doubles. If the card says, “Ticket”, receive a silver coin from the bank. If the card says, “Arrest”, move your piece to the Jail location and collect a Jail card. If you already have a Jail card, collect a silver coin.

Cop's Corner Rank Badges


Officer, Corporal, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, and Chief of Police.

When landing on a corner space with a gold badge, spin the spinner one time to match a gold badge on the spinner for a promotion. If the spinner lands on Jail, Training, Crime Scene, or Court, move your piece to that location and collect that card. If you already possess the card, collect a coin.

When landing on SWAT, roll one time for doubles to promote. The next player resumes play.

When landing on BOMB SQUAD, all players move their piece to the center of the board. Landing player begins rolling both dice one time for the number totaling seven. Each player in turn rolls one time for the number totaling seven. The first player to roll seven receives one silver coin from each player. All players move their pieces to Start and the person that rolled 7 continues play.

When landing on INTERNAL AFFAIRS, you are demoted (lose) a rank unless you are an Officer. An Officer pays the bank two silver coins.

When landing on VEHICLE PURSUIT, collect a silver coin and roll again. If you pass any player(s) while on a vehicle pursuit, that player loses a rank.


Collect a silver coin when you land on a special assignment space indicated by a coin on that space. If you earn a total of five silver coins, you may cash in your five coins at the beginning of your next turn for a promotion badge rank.


If you roll doubles, roll again unless you land on OFFICER INJURY. Your turn is then over and return to Start. If you roll doubles three times in a row, move your piece to INTERNAL AFFAIRS and lose a rank.



To win TOP COP, the game stops when a player becomes Chief of Police. Each player with Coins, Dispatch cards, Car Stop cards, and Duty cards in their possession may earn points. Winner of each category gets 5 points, 2nd=3 points, 3rd=2 points, 4th=1 point. The player with the most points wins Top Cop.


Players: 2 to 6 Ages: 6 to Adult

If you like cop games or detective board games, you’ll love Cop’s Corner!

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