Cop’s Corner, the meaning behind the name…

Cop’s Corner Police Investigation

Cop’s Corner Police Investigation

When I came up with the name “Cop’s Corner” for a game name, it wasn’t because Kingman, Arizona, has more cops per capita than any other small town in the USA. Most obvious, I wanted people to know it was a fun police game. I wanted to show people there was more to police work than a traffic officer pulling you over for speeding, or a police officer handling calls. In the game, YOU are the police officer with the objective of becoming the top cop or Chief. The game is a very simple overview of police work and viewing a game from a police officer’s perspective.

Most people and adults know very little about police work and what officers do. It is easy some how for the media to make the cops the bad guys, not the people attacking others, drug dealers killing our families, or criminals purposefully breaking the law. There are many people hostile to officers mostly because of the ridiculous media hype, sensationalism, and distortion of cops to sell a story.

Recently, I met with two very educated administrators to show them Cop’s Corner game. I randomly placed several cards on the table and asked them if they knew the difference between robbery, theft, and burglary. Neither person could answer the question correctly. I explained to them this is why kids need a game like this. As a society, why are we not teaching our children the laws they are expected to obey?

Whether you like cops or not, this game is for you. The name Cop’s Corner is not intended to alienate people from cops or make it seem you are on the side of cops. On the contrary, it is educating people about OUR first responders and take down some of those erroneous mental barriers. If a cop does something wrong, (like a teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc.), they will give an account for their actions. Let’s not label all cops bad because of what we see a few doing. When something really bad happens, who do you call? Those individuals (cops) who are over worked, under paid, and asked to put their lives on the line for us and our families.