Let’s get the word out about Cop’s Corner!  How many games do you know that is just fun to play on its face value and goes much deeper in cultural and learning value?  Since all of us operate in some type of rank system and are under society’s laws, it only makes sense to use a fun tool like Cop’s Corner to connect people in a positive way.  If you break the law, you eventually get caught and have some consequence.  If you do the right thing, you benefit from those good choices and your life improves.  If you give to others, you receive back.

Cop’s Corner has given free games to the following Police organizations:  Orange County Sheriffs/CA, San Bernardino Sheriffs/CA, Washington DC Police Association, National Association of Police Organizations/VA, Kingman Police Dept./AZ, Mohave County Sheriffs, and Mohave County Probation.

And free games to the following School Organizations: Desert Willow Elementary, White Cliffs Middle School, Hualapai Elementary, Kingman Academy of Learning Intermediate and Middle Schools, Emmanuel Christian Academy, St. Johns Aftercare/AZ, and Arizona K12 Blended Learning Center.

As you can see, the mission of Cop’s Corner is Project ECHO  Educate people about law enforcement, Connect people in a positive way, Honor first responders, and Overcome differences.    Is that something you want to be a part of?  Share your blog comments! Remember, you can’t take money with you when your gone, but you can make a difference in peoples’ lives while you are alive!  Until next time, build some play time, fun and people connections into your day!  Paul

Cop’s Corner Lunch Break

Cop’s Corner Lunch Break